A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A romance dating simulator centered around a cast of cryptids created during a month-long game jam.

Team Fishtrap:

Artwork and scripting by Diovek

Story and polishing by Nivrad00 (Darvin Heo)

Music by georgesmoustaki (Vincent Beaupré): 

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(22 total ratings)
AuthorsDiovek, Niv 🦌, georgesmoustaki
GenreVisual Novel
Tags2D, cryptids, Singleplayer


MyCryptidCrush-1.0-pc.zip 84 MB
MyCryptidCrush-1.0-mac.zip 66 MB


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really cool, cute project! can't wait to see it finished and what not.

Hey so I love playing visual novels and really want to play this one, but I'm a bit confused on how to set it up- Can anyone help me out? ;-;

Hello! Sorry for the incredibly late reply, do you still need help?

Hiya! Is this project still ongoing? I just came from Purrgatory and I am so down for another one of your VNs. I need me my fix! Though ofc, not at the expense of your sanity.

Lots of love!

Hi again! Nothing's happening at the moment but I believe Koi is planning on picking it back up sooner or later. Can't promise that I'll continue to be involved when they do, though ):

I see, I see. NP. :) I'll check in now and again for updates. Thank you!

Ahhhhhhh this is so fun. Cannot wait for more

I AM IN LOVE! Can't wait for updates, best of luck to the developers! <3

(1 edit) (+3)

Oh man... I was enjoying this visual novel a lot, then the to be continued text ruined it! I'm gonna be honest, I knew I was going to love this visual novel a lot, but I ended up absolutely adoring it! I can't wait for the next update and spend some more time with Greg hehehe.

Amazing job!


not at me simping for a gargoyle boy-
no but seriously im simping I've never seen a fictional boy so pretty

Haha thank you, I'm glad you like Greg!


I play dating simulators like this almost religiously and this is easily and hands down the best one I have ever come across, I've noticed that you've already said that aren't any plans to continue development, but I am begging you to reconsider. This game is golden, the humor is genuinely funny, the music is fantastic, the art is so endearing--- the whole thing is amazing and its only flaw is that it's not finished. 


tysm for the kind words!! if only we lived in a world where the stars aligned and MCC was finished...😭


I'm really glad you enjoyed it, thank you so much! A while back I did entertain the thought of picking this project back up, and I certainly plan to eventually!

This is everything I've ever needed and wanted 


what we all need is to go on a date with a cryptid in these trying times :3



This game is fantastic!! Do you have a patreon or any other way for a fan to support your work?


i can't speak for koi, but the team as a whole isn't accepting donations -- there's no plans atm to continue development, so it would be a bit of waste. it's enough that you played our game and liked it enough to comment! cheers!!


Made an account for this. I like this a lot.. I really wanted to do Holland and Frankie's routes. Can't wait. I like that the Mongolian Death Worm is wearing a little hat, too. Simply adorable.


Batu wouldn't be complete without his lil hat, hehe.

I'm really glad you like it! As of right now, I'm uncertain if any updates will be made, at least not anytime soon.


OMG I LOVE THIS!!!! REALLY  :D I'm really waiting for Mothman's route. He is so cute *o*.  Great job. The arts are amazing. Please more :)


I'M GLAD! Thank you so much. I had a lot of fun with the art, and the others did such a wonderful job with their parts.

As of right now, I'm uncertain if any updates will be made, at least not anytime soon.


I just found this game and I loved it! Keep up the great work, and I can't wait for future releases/updates! 

Sorry for the delayed response, but thank you!!


Great game, absolutely loved it! Though I was wondering if theres a walkthrough or something because I'm having a bit of trouble

thank u very much!! there's no walkthrough (that i know of?) but the story is pretty linear, so you can rest assured you didn't miss out on anything. only the intro scene and the first three dates of greg's route are available.


Heya! I actually legit made an itch.io account just to comment about this game. Personally? I freakin' love it. The art is incredibly well done and each piece is aesthetically pleasing to look at, the writing has a fantastic balance between meta humor and dark humor. The characters are convincing and multi-dimensional with lots of draw to each, while also being consistently written. For annoying  companions, ying and yang are actually written to the extent where they're a welcome addition to every scene. They never feel overused and they always feel perfectly timed.

I especially love the combination of how you used the gargoyle's ability to, well, fly to sort of give him a notoriety in his past time hobby. It's a sort of detail and combination work that I, myself, as a writer, would certainly miss to utilize. Seriously, this thing is amazing and that's coming from someone who groans every time they see a super-typical visual novel dating sim on Steam. 

Keep up the good work you guys. You seriously have something going for yourself, and I'll be in heavy anticipation for any upcoming releases. I'd love to see this game in its full actuality!

thank you for the kind words!! back in october, i couldn't shake the feeling that this was one of my weaker scripts, so it's a relief to hear that you enjoyed it so much. greg was a brilliant character concept from koi, and i tried to do him justice with his hobbies and whatnot. kudos and good luck on your own writing :3




Love what there is so far! Great job guys :)